L-Drago Destroy F:S
L-Drago Destroy
Type Attack Type
Motif Dragon
Blader Ryuga
BB No. BB-108
Kanji エルドラゴデストロイ F:S
Romaji Eru Dorago Desutoroi F:S
Arabic التنين المدمر
Parts Detail
Face L-Drago Destroy
Clear Wheel None
Metal Wheel L-Drago Destroy
Track None
Bottom Final:Survive

L-Drago Destroy is a Beyblade owned by Ryuga. It's the evolution of Meteo L-Drago. It prices 69 SR in Saudi Arabia.


Attack ModeEdit

Absorb ModeEdit

Face: L-Drago DestroyEdit

Is an important part (Which has the L-Drago Destroy mark) used to lock the body.

4D Metal Wheel: L-Drago Destroy WheelEdit

By recombining the Metal Frame and the Core, changing to Attack Mode and Absorb Mode is possible!

Attack 6 - Defense 0 - Stamina 1 - Absorb 4

4D Bottom: Final:SurviveEdit

It rampages the opponent in HF, and switches to S and spins slowly.

Attack 4 - Defense 0 - Stamina 2